Get Addicted to the Right Things

I am addicted to food. This is not some new revelation, but it is something that I am finally fed up with. I spent some time this morning thinking of how I was going to spend my day off wasting the day eating horribly and napping. But then…

I started to be productive. I was accomplishing things that I had been putting off. I started to feel good about myself and my mindset changed. I wanted to do more things I’d been putting off and the urge to eat so poorly went away. I was gaining the positive momentum and I wanted to keep it going in every aspect of my life. I am heading to the gym as soon as I finish this blog( and my oil change is complete).

And that’s the message- get addicted to the right things! Get addicted to exercising regularly. Get addicted to eating well and staying active. Get addicted to selflessly help other. Fuck it, if you are going to be addicted to something, get in the driver’s seat and choose it for yourself!

Never stop believing in yourself! Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

13 thoughts on “Get Addicted to the Right Things

  1. Bless you, Dan. Your “like” on my blog brought me to your blog. Your advice is just the reminder I needed today. I suffer from an addiction (which I gave into last night), and I too have found that a determination to have a productive day is the best “recovery” tactic. A while back I prayed to God to give me a “substitute” addiction, and since then, doors have opened for me artistically. To see all the “Wisdom” posts on my blog, enter the word “wisdom” in the search field on my blog (on the page of results, you have to click on each “This Week’s Wisdom” heading to see that day’s post).

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  2. Chewing (sugar free) gum throughout the day helps inhibit food compulsion. I work out almost every morning to allow myself to feel better for the day. I recommend everyone eating healthy, yet fun meals, so we don’t get annoyed. Good luck!

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