Bounce back week- take 2!

Last week I announced that I was in a weight loss challenge with a friend.  I had a rough week 1 and vowed to have a much better week 2.  I was going to be prepared for all roadblocks and overcome them with ease.  The result… worse than the week before(+2 pounds).  Worst of all, I publicly proclaimed that last week was going to be my comeback week. Imagine my embarrassment!

Where did I go wrong?  It was on the weekend.  I escorted my fiance to a party on Friday.  I called it my cheat day, and said the next day would be so much better.  But it wasn’t, neither was Sunday!

Does this mean that I am a failure?  No, it just means that last week’s performance was a failure!  You need to have the vision to separate the person from the performance and criticize your actions and choices, not you as a person.  I made more than a few poor decisions and I need to live with the results.  No Excuses!  I am a flawed super hero at best :).

This week will be my bounce back week(Stop me if you’ve heard this before)!  I will come up with a better strategy and stick to the plan.  I know I said this last week, but I’ve got to start sometime, right?

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

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