Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s day to all. That’s the generic message that you get from everyone. However, not everyone is in the same boat. With that in mind, here are individual Valentine’s wishes for people in different situations:

Happily in a relationship

Happy Valentine’s Day! Make sure that you go out of your way to let your partner know how special they are to you.

Single and Happy

Hat’s off to you! Enjoy your day and congratulate yourself on having the self confidence and independence to stay happy.

Single, divorced, etc. and unhappy

Hang in there. Times are tough right now and I know from experience that it probably looks pretty bleak. Just focus for now on working on yourself. It’s amazing how opportunities will start to miraculously arise if you love yourself first. You’ve still got great things ahead of you.

Your Valentine has passed away

I am so sorry for your loss! I will send thoughts and prayers you way and hope that you have a crying shoulder to lean on.

Never stop believing in yourself! Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day.

  1. Very nice message. Valentine’s Day is mainly perceived as a day for lovers. However, you can share this love with those that are not necessarily your partners but also with families and friends. This day can be used to appreciate those that go out of their way to show love to you even when the world thinks you don’t deserve it. It’s my challenge to everyone to do something special for the unsung heroes in our lives!! Everyone has a Valentine, just pick from the many people you could have neglected that have changed your life one way or another.

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