Relax and Detach

Today is my first day of a 9 day vacation.  I am looking forward to a week where I can relax and recover.  It’s mostly a stay-cation, outside of a comedy show I am performing in at Atlantic City this Thursday.  I work in a pretty stressful management position, so it is easy to keep my mind at work by reading text messages, group chats, etc.

My recommendation for everyone is to find away to detach while you are away from work.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be as extreme as putting your phone in airplane mode, but it can be if necessary.  I’d at least recommend taking email, group chats, etc. off of your home screen.  You have built up muscle memory and will continue to check on work if you leave it there.  Also, mute any group text messages that might suck you back in to work.

Remember that vacation is designed for you to mentally and physically recharge before you return to work.  Relax and enjoy it!!  You will be back to your 100 miles per hour lifestyle soon enough.

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

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