Who is next to you on the roller coaster?

Insightful post by Kareen Nicole. Great message. Who are you choosing to keep by your side? Are they making you better, or holding you back?

Live Today Create Tomorrow

Change always comes. Even if you’re not ready for it. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.

Life is a roller coaster and you just have to hang on for the ride.

But while you’re on that ride make sure you take a look at the people sitting next to you. Who are you surrounding yourself with? What kind of support system do you have in place? Just like a cold is contagious, so is a person’s attitude. Negativity can truly impact your journey in a way you may not realize until you take a step back. And positive energy and laughter can also have a true long lasting joy that lightens the darkest of moments in life.

So make sure you evaluate who you’re surrounding yourself with in this life. It’s not wrong to limit your interaction with toxic people-even if they are family. It’s also not wrong to…

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