Another Exciting Milestone!

This blog started out as a weight loss journal. The thought was that I needed to lose weight before I could have any success speaking to or motivating others.  This was designed to be a timeline of sorts, where I shared what was motivating and inspiring me along this journey. 

It didn’t take me long to realize that the weight loss was a smaller part of what I had to share.  I came to see that I don’t need to wait until I overcome all of my insecurities before I could offer support and motivation to others.  Today is a celebration of 500 followers and feeling the confidence that my message is being well received and appreciated!  Thank you all so much for all of your support, likes, and comments along the way!!!

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

11 thoughts on “Another Exciting Milestone!

  1. Congratulations! I am so proud of you. But today is also another big milestone.

    You are the reason I wrote my book. You pushed me, encouraged, inspired, and supported me. Your words were “just do something and see it through!”

    Your effectiveness as a motivator has lead to real reactions in people’s lives, including mine. So celebrate today that WE published our book. ❤️

    And congratulations on spreading your message. It’s an important one to spread. I love you!

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  2. Congratulations Dan. I can appreciate your desire to share and inspire through blogging. Keep strong and best of luck with everything, particularly keeping the lbs off during the holidays😳. Thanks, John

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