A Day to Celebrate!

Let me quickly catch everyone up to speed.  I started this blog about ago to journal my progress.  After I caught some momentum in 2 weeks, my amazing girlfriend Kareen asked me to either send her daily messages or start a blog as she was inspired by my progress.

After a rough year, this is where I was 6 weeks ago:

-At the highest weight I have ever been (330 pounds)


-Facing foreclosure and eviction as a result of my failed marriage.

I have lost 25 pounds.  Mostly in the first 4 weeks but I am happy to have maintained it during the last 2 weeks with all of the stress and slip-ups along the way!

I was pretty open and honest about the house search as well.  Now with awful credit and a deadline to move out, we had to be aggressive in our approach.  We looked at many homes(some more desirable than others) and submitted applications to any decent homes we came across.  Most applications were denied almost as quickly as they were submitted.  We started to plan a new strategy and considered the possibility of downsizing to a smaller home or moving to a less desirable neighborhood.  Out of nowhere, we received a call from the realtor of the home that was our first choice.  We had forgot we even submitted an application for this house, as we thought we were sure to be denied and had our sights focused on other options that seemed like more of a possibility.  The realtor gave us the great news that we were approved by the owner and she will get the start to draft the lease agreement!

It is amazing what can happen when you stay focused on the right things and push through rejection.  Welcome to the new Sims family home!!

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

-Dan Sims

New House

10 thoughts on “A Day to Celebrate!

  1. Baby I am so happy we figured it out. It will be great to start over with our beautiful family in a new house. I love you with all my heart. Your blog continues to inspire me and keep me motivated to move forward. I will be honored to be part of the Sims family one day. It’s time to start the next chapter ♥️

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  2. Not sure what I am doing on word press and kinda haven’t figured it out yet! Thank you so much for liking my recent blog post. Weight loss, is difficult at the best of times. My approach and advice is to break it down into managable steps and do a lifestyle change not a diet. Drink water vs beverages. Increase the amount of fresh foods and check with your doctor. #devinemarriage #lossingweigh #healthbattles

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