Week 6

Good morning!  After a huge weight loss last week, I was just hoping to break even this week.  I’m excited to say that I did just that.  Last time I lost weight, I used to expect that if I had one good week, the next week will be just as good.   It doesn’t work that way.  Wieght can fluctuate due to many factors like water retention and others.   I have still lost and maintained 22 pounds of weight loss in 6 weeks.   

I like to remind myself of a lesson I learned from Coach Phil Jackson.  In his book ‘Eleven Rings’ he talked about a message that he gave to his teams which came from the Zen Buddhists. ‘Chop wood, carry water’.  When things are going well and when things aren’t great, you should chop wood, carry water’.  In other words, keep doing the little things and stay humble matter what feedback life is giving you.   

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

-Dan Sims

6 thoughts on “Week 6

  1. Dan you are doing incredible and look great. But what’s the most important transformation I have seen in you these past 6 weeks is your attitude. You have taken back an out of control life and worked hard to be the healthiest version of yourself inside and out. I am proud of the self love you are developing. Don’t stop now! You got this and I got your back! I love you sweetie!


  2. Agreed! It’s es y to fall into the trap of expecting to do great every week. My last time around, I learned to think of it more like a bouncing ball than a straight slope. There’s a drop, a little bounce and another drop, but each bounce is a little lower. Congratulations on your progress!

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