Great New Children’s Book!

I am very excited to announce and plug a great new children’s book written by my fiance Kareen.  I am so proud of her accomplishments after several months of hard work.  The book is fantastic!  I could describe the book myself, but it would pale in comparison to her summary:

Pippino is a puffin bird that lives in his tiny house in Maine, but has big dreams of traveling the world. In the first book of this children’s series Pippino travels to Dallas where he meets new friends, tries new things, and achieves his dream of getting his first pair of beautiful cowboy boots. This whimsical book will fly your children through the pages of their imagination as they experience Pippino’s first adventure.

This book is currently available from Amazon Kindle and is in the process of being converted to a hardcover as well.  

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

Create Your Own Future!

Here’s a powerful lesson I learned long ago at a workshop with author Brian Biro:

The past does not equal the future!

It’s really powerful when you think about it.  All of us have had bad experiences in the past.  Unfortunately we have turned some failures into destructive beliefs.  Just because you have failed doing things in the past doesn’t mean that you can’t acheive them in the future.  It just means that you failed and need to learn the lesson and come back with a new approach the next time you try.  

I have a firm belief that people can accomplish great things if they put their mind to it.  Don’t allow criticism or a bad experience stop you from trying again and again until you figure it out.  Separate yourself as a person from the behavior, and recoginze that you have it in you to improve and succeed!!  

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims 

Another Exciting Milestone!

This blog started out as a weight loss journal. The thought was that I needed to lose weight before I could have any success speaking to or motivating others.  This was designed to be a timeline of sorts, where I shared what was motivating and inspiring me along this journey. 

It didn’t take me long to realize that the weight loss was a smaller part of what I had to share.  I came to see that I don’t need to wait until I overcome all of my insecurities before I could offer support and motivation to others.  Today is a celebration of 500 followers and feeling the confidence that my message is being well received and appreciated!  Thank you all so much for all of your support, likes, and comments along the way!!!

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

Where to draw the line??

We all make difficult decisions in life.  Sometimes we make choices that we know aren’t the best for us.  Sometimes it’s that one extra drink that we don’t need, or to eat that extra donut when your not hungry.   Those are easy ones to forgive and move on from.  But what about the decisions with much greater consequences?  How do we know where to draw the line?  I’ve always lived by on simple rule:

Can I still look myself in the mirror?

That’s it!  I have made many decisions that have made my life more difficult than it had to be, but I always knew where to draw the line.  This rule is so important when answering to your self but even more difficult when you need to answer to your children.  

I thought that I was in the clear after going through a separation and divorce that happened roughly 18 months ago.  She had moved on, I had moved on, and we agreed upon and arrangement with the kids.  The dust had settled and everyone had accepted things as they were and we’re grateful for all that we still had.  Or so I thought…

The holidays are sometimes a tough time for people but I had never seen it first hand in my home.  Sadly, my 13 year old daughter broke down. She was so upset about how different the holidays are now and I could tell that she never fully coped with the whole situation.  I sat there holding her for what seemed like 4 hours(closer to 1 hour).  I continued to remind her that everyone still loved we all love her so much!  I was sad to see her hurt, but I could only imagine how much harder it would’ve been to accept if my actions had lead to the divorce. 

Remember that sometimes the consequences of your actions linger much longer than you realize.  Whether it is doing something illegal or immoral, remember that you will have to answer for that action long after the dust had settled.  Do the right thing and it will be easier to overcome the trials and tribulations without guilt or remorse.  

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you soon 🙂

-Dan Sims

Have a great weekend!

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is looking forward to a happy and safe weekend.  For many of you this is a chance to get away from your stressful job or school.  Like anything else, plan time for the things that are important to you.  I’ve had many Sundays where I looked back and felt  I had wasted the weekend.  Whether it was for not completed a personal project, exercise, or simply not putting quality time with my family first, I felt that I could’ve done more.  

Don’t be like the old me.  Be proactive, be present, and don’t sleep or party all weekend with scheduling to for what’s truly important.  

Me… I’m looking forward to an amazing weekend with my fiance and kids laughing, playing, and hopefully snow!!  I’ll find time to exercise and work on the house as well, but not at the expense of doing what’s most important!

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

-Dan Sims

You never know what’s right around the corner…

Do the right thing.  That’s my best recommendation.   At the same token, don’t expect others to respond in kind.   It’s just not how the world works.   Sometimes things might happen like:

– You say ‘Good Morning’ to a stranger and he or she doesn’t even aknowledge you.

– You are dating someone who you go out of your way to treat well and they ultimately decided to leave you. 

– You get passed up for the job that you are certain that you are the best candidate for.

Life sucks sometimes.  It can be easy to use that disappointment as an excuse to stop trying.  After all, you worked hard and showed dedication and commitment(the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears).  And for what?  Why put in all of this extra effort?

Because having the right attitude is everything!

For all you know, the next job offer will come before you know it, and it will be even better then the job that turned you away!  Maybe you will find someone who is so much better than the one that got away;  Maybe the next person you smile at will be grateful that your positive energy brightened their day!

The catch is, the good fortune will only come if you continue to give the same passionate energy to everything you do.  No one wants to hire the guy that has a chip on his shoulder and comes across angry.  No one wants to date the guy who is depressed and not confident in who they are and what they have to offer.   The person stuck in ‘whoa is me’ mode will miss out on the opportunities that are all around him(or her)!

Never stop believing in yourself!  Talk to you tomorrow 🙂
-Dan Sims

Stop talking yourself out…

Here’s a quick tip, once you have decided to commit to self improvement, take action on it right away!  If you are anything like me, you will start to talk yourself out of it as soon as you hesitate.   You mind will always drive you to the path of least resistance.   

For example, if you decide to work out after work, don’t go home and sit down.  Once you sit down on the couch and relax, your mind will give you all of the reasons why you can put it off.  And of course, you will tell yourself that you will do it tomorrow (but you won’t). 

Same rule goes for writing a blog/book, completing a home improvement project, etc.   Once you’ve made the commitment, take the first step immediately.  You’ll feel better about yourself afterwards!

Never give up on yourself!  Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

-Dan Sims